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Podcast Interview for Bilingual Avenue: Learning Language from Our Kids

Raising a bilingual child when you don’t speak the majority language well and that time on a plane when my daughter started singing about poop.


P1030843Ana Luiza’s Day: A Kid’s Life in Vitoria, Brazil

Janelle Diller & Lisa Travis, authors of the chapter book series Pack-N-Go Girls, asked me to write a post in advance of their first book set in Brazil!




Becoming a Third Culture Kid: A Letter to My Multicultural Daughter
I wrote a letter for my daughter to be read in future whenever we move to the United States about her heritage and why no one in the U.S. will think she’s Latina.



Rio 1 2008-13

Window Shopping: A Global Tour of What You Can Buy From Your Car Window

Guava, phone charger, absolution? What you can get by leaning out your car window.




Where Brazil’s Soccer Prodigies Are Hiding

An article originally published in Glimpse magazine about a girls soccer team in Rio and the challenges they face playing a “boys” sport in Brazil.


Rio 1 2008-7

The Thomas Hobbes School of Driving Like a Carioca

The only laws that govern traffic in Rio are the laws of physics.




Clothing Optional: My One Trip to a Moroccan Bathhouse

While studying abroad in Morocco I made the mistake of wearing tropical print bikini to the bathhouse. Worst decision ever.